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Mariscos del Atlántico

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We can help you prepare shellfish dishes.
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In addition to the products in our online store, we can supply a wide range of products to order.
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Our shellfish is carefully selected from the best fishing grounds, thus enabling us to maintain a strict quality control over our raw ingredients.


Years of experience have led to production processes that ensure the best texture and flavour of our products.
Plato de mariscos

HORECA: Innovative solutions for catering and restaurants

At DELICRAB, we are committed to innovation and quality with a view to providing the catering and restaurant industry with the best solutions based on a wide and varied range of top-quality products.

Our goal is to provide differentiating and efficient solutions of the highest quality so that, with our recipes or your personal touch, your dishes will result in excellent culinary experiences. A unique flavour that will captivate your customers.

We have created specific recipes for catering and restaurant businesses, offering pure and natural shellfish meat, free from preservatives or additives, to enhance the value of your cuisine.





DELICRAB comfort

At Delicrab, we innovate to achieve high-quality products and, at the same time, make them easy to use by providing an appropriate expiration date and user-friendly systems.

The product

User-friendly products: At Delicrab, we offer high-quality frozen products that you only have to defrost and they will be ready to eat or to use in the kitchen.
User-friendly expiration date

Our deep-freezing processes enable us to offer high-quality products with a shelf life of up to 24 months.
User-friendly packaging

Delicrab offers various formats of food packaging that cater to the needs of today’s consumers.

Icono hosteleríaFor HORECA

Producto DELICRAB DELICRAB emerged as a project that Cetarea Tazones launched years ago so that, through the production of shellfish-based meat products (healthy and from a stainable environment), the HORECA sector could prepare their unique dishes using these ingredients and simplify their work through the use of our tasty meat products.
Icono planta de procesadoProcessing plant

Planta de procesado We run a shellfish processing plant where we process this prized flesh by hand after cooking the shellfish in water from the Cantabrian Sea. These facilities also allow us to process our products in the best possible conditions, i.e. with minimal handling once they have been extracted from the sea.
Icono logísticaOur commitment

Vehículos Cetárea Tazones At DELICRAB, we apply a strict control process to the raw ingredients. In addition, having our own fleet of trucks enables us to provide a better logistics management system and greater control over distribution to the most select sales outlets in Spain.

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