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Buey de Mar


Comida de marisco We would like to recommend some dishes you can prepare using our products, you can also visit our COOKBOOK section and learn to cook the tastiest and most appetizing dishes:

  • Fillings
  • Paste
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Creams
  • Sushi
  • Bases
  • Rice
  • Pâté
  • Omelettes
  • Sautéed dishes
  • Sauces
  • Spreads
  • Snacks
  • Catering
  • Fish
  • Croquettes
  • Pies
  • Our quality

    Calidad Delicrab
    Comida de marisco

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    Cooked in the water of the Cantabrian Sea

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    Pure and natural

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    Crumbled by hand in the traditional manner

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    Free from preservatives or additives

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    100% fresh shellfish meat

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    Carne Marrón Extra Carne Marrón Extra

    Top-Quality Brown Crab Meat

    Obtained by hand from brown crabs. It is marketed in large chunks which may include roe or coral. It is mainly used for dishes that require an intense shellfish flavour.

    Fillings · Rice ·Creams · Pâté · Omelettes
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 500 g.
    Carne Blanca Extra Carne Blanca Extra

    Top-Quality White Crab Meat

    Extracted by hand from the pincers and body of brown crabs after a strict selection process. The texture and smoothness of this meat is ideal as the base for haute cuisine dishes.

    Fillings · Paste · Salads · Rice · Omelettes · Snacks · Fish · Catering
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 500 g.
    Buey de Mar para Salpicón Buey de Mar para Salpicón

    Brown Crab for Fish Salad

    This product includes the most select parts of brown crabs: top-quality white and brown meat. The white meat provides delicacy and texture, while the brown meat provides an intense flavour.

    Fillings · Paste · Rice · Snacks · Catering · Sautéed dishes · Omelettes
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 200 g.
    Carne de Buey de Mar y Centollo Carne de Buey de Mar y Centollo

    Brown Crab and Spider Crab Meat

    This is a mixture of spider crab and brown crab meat. The combination of these two flavours results in a very tasty product that is an excellent base for your recipes.

    Fillings · Soups · Creams · Bases · Pâté · Spreads · Croquettes
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 500 g. - 3 Kg.
    Txangurro Txangurro


    Txangurro is a combination of all the types of crumbled flesh from brown crabs: pincers, body, and coral. This is a balanced product that will add a special flavour to your dishes.

    Fillings · Paste · Salads · Creams · Rice · Pâté · Omelettes · Sautéed dishes · Spreads · Catering · Fish
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 200 g. - 500 gr.
    Txangurro Extra Txangurro Extra

    Top-Quality Txangurro

    This product is a combination of the texture provided by top-quality white meat with the intense flavour of top-quality brown meat, served with two fully peeled pincers.

    Fillings · Paste · Salads · Creams · Rice · Pâté · Omelettes · · Sautéed dishes · Catering · Snacks · Fish
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 500 g.
    Delicias de Nécora Delicias de Nécora

    Velvet Crab Delights

    The “delicias” (delights) is a gourmet product that consists of brown meat from velvet crabs obtained by hand. This meat provides a unique, tasty and pleasant flavour.

    Fillings · Sautéed dishes · Catering · Snacks · Rice
    Format: 200 g.
    Carne de Nécora Carne de Nécora

    Velvet Crab Meat

    Meat from the body (which may include roe or coral) and legs of velvet crabs that has been subjected to a selection and transformation process resulting in a delicious paste that is noted for its intense shellfish flavour and its texture.

    Fillings · Soups · Creas · Bases · Pâté · Spreads · Croquettes · Fish
    Format: 500 g. - 3 Kg.
    Carne de Centollo Carne de Centollo

    Spider Crab Meat

    This is a combination of meat from all parts of spider crabs: pincers, legs, body (and may include coral).

    This mixture of crumbled spider crab meat has an unbeatable texture and flavour that will make spider crabs a key element of your recipes.

    Fillings · Paste · Salads · Creams · Rice · Pâté · Omelettes · Sautéed dishes · Spreads · Catering · Fish
    Formato: 500 gr.


    Carne de Nécora 3Kg. Carne de Nécora 3Kg.

    Velvet Crab Meat (3Kg.)

    Velvet crab meat, which is noted for its smoothness and delicate flavour, comes in 3 kg boxes for the food industry. It is particularly recommended for preparing pre-cooked dishes, fifth-range products, creams, and pâtés.
    Buey y Centollo 3Kg CBuey y Centollo 3Kg.

    Brown Crab and Spider Crab (3Kg.)

    Obtained by mixing the meat of spider crabs and brown crabs, it is noted for its flavour and as the base ingredient for many dishes. It comes in 3 kg boxes for the food industry and is particularly recommended Logo Omega 3for the preparation of fifth-range products, pre-cooked dishes, pâtés, and fillings.
    Icono productos OTHER FROZEN PRODUCTS
    Zamburiña Zamburiña

    Queen Scallop

    One of the most highly appreciated marine delicacies from the coasts of Chile, noted for their smooth and delicate texture and flavour. (Variegated scallop with coral and carefully selected shell).

  • Origin: Chile
  • Size: 15/25 Units/Kg
  • Format: 12 units.
    Vieira Vieira


    Galician scallops are some of the most select marine delicacies. Unlike the variegated scallop, Galician scallops are larger, have more flesh, and a texture with a range of nuances.

    (Galician scallop with coral and without shell)

  • Origin: Atlantic Sea
  • Size: 25/30 Units/Kg
  • Glaze: 0%
  • Format: 500g.
    Fumet Fumet

    Shellfish Fumet

    Prepared from the juices obtained from the interior of cooked shellfish once they have been cut open. Fumet is one of the key ingredients when preparing many main fish and shellfish dishes as it is used to strengthen and improve the flavour.

    Rice · Paste · Soups · Creams · Bases · Fish · Croquettes
    Format: 500 g.
    Bocas de Buey de Mar

    Brown Crab Claws

    The pincers of brown crab are highly appreciated products made from the thick front pincers. They can be consumed with sauces or the flesh can be used as an ingredient in Logo Omega 3other dishes: creams, fish salads, fillings, fish dishes...

    Fillings · Paste · Salads · Creams · Rice · Pâté · Omelettes · Sautéed dishes · Spreads · Catering · Fish

    8-12 Uds / Kg
    Weight: 125g-83g Approx.
    12-20 Uds / Kg
    Weight: 83g-50g Approx.
    Icono productos PROCESSED PRODUCTS
    Txangurro a la Donostiarra Txangurro a la Donostiarra
    Icono carrito
    Retail product

    Donostia Txangurro

    Our latest creation, in which we try to provide our gourmet touch, is the traditional Donostia Txangurro.

    This is a gourmet product presented in the shell of a brown crab that contains a filling of cooked brown crab meat combined with fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.
    Sprinkle some bread crumbs and add a pinch of butter

    HOW TO USE:Pan ralladoMantequilla
    Frozen - 200 ºC 18 minutes, desfrozen - 200 ºC 7 minutesC

    Icono hornoTO GRATINATE
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 180 g.
    Receta tradicionalOmega 3Formato: 180 gr.
    Caparazón Relleno de Buey Caparazón Relleno de Buey
    Icono carrito
    Retail product

    Stuffed Brown Crab Shell

    Cooked meat from brown crabs presented in their own shell. This preparation offers the comfort of enjoying brown crab that is ready to be served.

    Soups · Creams · Bases · Rice · Fish · Croquettes · Paste
    Anti-puncture bag
    Icono cubiertosReady to eat!
    Logo Omega 3
    Format: 200 gr.
    Omega 3Formato: 200 gr.
    Croqueta de Centollo
    Croquetas de Bogavante
    Croquetas de Nécora

    Shellfish Croquettes


    At Delicrab, we want to introduce one of the traditional products of Spanish gastronomy to the gourmet scene, giving it our own special features.

    These are 3 varieties of croquettes (European lobster, spider crab and velvet crab) that are prepared in the traditional manner and rolled by hand, so that all our croquettes have irregular shapes. Thanks to the crunchy breadcrumbs or cracker (particular to each type of croquette), our croquettes have a pleasant crunchy texture on the outside while creamy and full of flavour on the inside.

    Icono freidora *Do not defrost before frying.
    ·Rolled by hand
    ·Irregular shapes
    ·Made from shellfish meat (no preservatives or additives)
    Preparation: Do not defrost the product before cooking.

    Fryer: Heat the oil to 180ºC. When it is at the correct temperature, introduce the frozen croquettes and wait one minute, then lower the heat to 160ºC and fry for 3 minutes until you achieve the desired golden tone.
    Frying pan: Heat the oil to 180ºC, make sure it covers all the croquettes. When it is at the correct temperature, introduce the frozen croquettes and wait one minute, then lower the heat to 160ºC and fry for 3 minutes until you achieve the desired golden tone (try not to break the croquettes when you turn them over).

    -When placing new batches of croquettes in the pan, make sure the temperature of the oil does not drop below 180º
    -Place the croquettes in a microwave oven for 30 seconds and then fry for 1'30"
    -Your eye will be the best indicator of when they are ready!
    -Finally, place the croquettes on absorbent kitchen paper for a few seconds
    Format: Boxes 40
    Icono productos OTHER PRODUCTS
    Caparazón Buey de Mar Caparazón Buey de Mar
    Caparazón Centollo Caparazón Centollo
    Caparazón Nécora Caparazón Nécora
    Caparazón Vieira Caparazón Vieira



    Empty sanitised shells of shellfish that are ideal to hold fillings, pâtés, snacks, spreads... or simply to decorate and provide a marine and gourmet touch to your recipes.
    Formats: Brown Crab: BOX 100 Units - Spider Crab: BOX 100 Units - Velvet Crab: BOX 40 Units - Scallop: BOX 100 Units
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